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Welcome Back Beauties,  
Today we’re talking PRIMERS! Why you should wear one, how to pick the perfect one for your skin type and concerns and how to apply it. We’ve got you girl!  
So here’s the 101 on primers!
 Primers are a crucial part of makeup application. You don’t paint the walls in your house without Priming and you should NEVER paint your face without priming either.  
So what’s all the fuss about? 

  Well; there’s so many reasons you should prime, with all of them being just as important as the next.  First things first, Primer is primarily used as a barrier between your skin and your makeup. It’s used to stop makeup sliding, moving, creasing, sitting in pores, clogging your skin, excessive makeup wastage and the list goes on, it can even help fight FREE RADICALS! As you can see it has its work cut out for it and that’s why buying the correct primer for you is an absolute SKINVESTMET!  
Lets take it all the way back, before you even consider applying your makeup, I’d like to believe your all using a serum & moisturizer (Remember, your makeup can only be as good as your base) These products are designed to penetrate the skin on a deeper level, without priming you are inadvertently drawing your makeup into your skin which will clog and block pores but also ruin your makeup application! 

 Your wasting you’re hard earned dollars on both fronts. Your pricey skincare is being wasted and ruined by your makeup, and you’ll find that your using twice as much makeup to cover and create that flawless look! OUCH! Its a vicious cycle and you deserve better.  
Ok, so now that we have prepped our skin for primer, what primers are best for you? Well, there are mainly three types of primers, Oil Based, Silicone Based & Water Based. Each one used for different skin types and many that will also help with your skin concerns. Your skin type is either – 
Normal – Combination – Oily – Dry or Sensitive 
 And skin concerns maybe, enlarged pores, scarring, ageing, texture, uneven skin tone, acne ect. 
 So lets begin with OILY/ACNE prone skin type!  
What your are looking for my dear darling is Makeup longevity. Something that will keep you mattified throughout the day and stop your makeup from slinging off, keeping your skin from clogging and breaking out. I suggest a water or silicone based primer, preferably something light weight. We need to smooth out acne scars or fill in large pores but also fight environmental stressors that can contribute to your breakout prone skin. 
Add some BHA’s and you’ve got a little fighter on your side, helping absorb excess oils, fighting shine but keeping you hydrated!  
I suggest the ULTIMATE PRIMER by Velvet Concepts $60 
Next we have DRY/SENSITIVE Skin Type! 
What your wanting my little moisture lacking lovely is HYDRATION!! An oil or silicone primer is best for you. Something with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid or Jojoba would be like a drink of water for your face. Essential for flaking, aggregated skins that need to be soothed and calmed and find it hard to blend your foundation. Think of the oil or silicone as like little ball bearings all over your face, helping foundation glide over the skin instead of being sucked into it, giving you a flawless, airbrushed look. Like a filter in a bottle  
I recommend the O’Cosmetics LOTUS SKIN PRIMER $59 
And last but never least we have COMBINATION/NORMAL Skin Type.  
The luckiest girl around. you are an anomaly, but we love you too, were just a little jealous is all. You can use almost all primers without hesitation and i suggest you use one boosted with vitamins and antioxidants to help keep your skins natural glow. If you’re a little more on the combination side I’d opt for a silicone/water based primer over an oil so that we keep that T-zone in check! I also recommend this for Mature skins, helping to reduce the look of fine lines can make you look 5 years younger.  
APPLICATION.. The only time I’ll ever suggest using your fingers to apply makeup… EVER!  
Using a pea-sized amount is all that is needed for the whole face and over use of this product is a waist and can actually have the opposite effect its designed for. Using your fingers warms the product and helps melt into your skin where as using a brush or sponge will only leave it sitting on the surface of your skin. Now I’m a little contradictory when it comes to Professional Makeup Artist as using your fingers on a strangers face can be very personal and if you’re not careful can be very unhygienic. I’d ask the client first if its ok to use your fingers to apply the product and if they are not comfortable with it then a brush is the next best thing. A sponge will just absorb the product. Let the primer sit for 30 seconds before applying your foundation and you’re on your way! 
I also suggest a setting powder and setting spray as these all work together to give you that Flawless, Airbrushed look but that’s for another blog