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Gold Standard Brightening Mask

Gold Standard Brightening Mask


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Treat your skin to antioxidant botanicals that quickly get to work, exfoliating and brightening to reveal visible improvements to your tone, texture, and radiance.

For most skin types, especially dull, dehydrated, dry skins ​

Gold Standard Brightening Mask gives the gift of physical exfoliation, helping to budge any expired skin cells, leaving only fresh, soft skin behind. Wow, look at you now.


- Brightening - Thanks to antioxidant-rich Daisy Flower Extract, skin tone and texture is brightened and radiance revived

- Exfoliating - After 10 minutes of marinating in the mask, you simply peel it off. In doing so, the skin is also physically exfoliated, sending dead skin cells and dryness well on their way to reveal softer, smoother skin

- The exfoliating effect refines tone and texture while helping to reboot your natural radiance

- Delivers instant gratification with a glow that grows

- With a peel-off formula there’s no rinsing required afterwards

- It’s our go-to mask for skin that needs to reset itself and really represent for a special occasion – or no occasion.

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