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The Ultimate Skin & Wellness Box

The Ultimate Skin & Wellness Box

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Are you missing your In Salon Treatments ???

We have put together a solution for you Introducing the first of our facial Boxes
“Ultimate Skin & Wellness Box “

This box contains a few of the O Cosmedics Core Hero Skincare Products for those skins Concerned with Ageing, Brightening and Hydration and miss vitality Wellness products to ensure your insides are getting the love it needs

This DIY Facial and wellness Box contains :

* Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser - Cleansing is the most important part of your skin care as it not only cleans the skin but it prepares the skin for whats to come next.

* Pure C + BHA powder (daytime corrector) - this will provide your skin with antioxidants, anti-ageing benefits and give you that ultimate radiance.

* Pure age defiance serum (daytime/evening corrector) - this will give your skin the ultimate hydration and is packed with natural skin tightened skin to lift and firm.

* Immortal Cream - Daily moisturiser this is our number one selling hydrator fortified with Vitamin C, antioxidants and peptides reversing signs of aging , smoothing fine lines.

* Skin inject Dermaroller - this home roller device is used 1-2 x per week for more advanced results and great to use in between your in salon treatments to maintain your results it infuses serums , treats open pores ,
scarring and makes your serums penetrate 200x more efficiently this little roller is pain free and takes about 5 mins to do your whole face.

* Hydra Plus Sleep in Mask - Sleep and reap the benefits of this amazing products great to use after your home rolling you will wake up glowing like a goddess.

* Miss Vitality Glow Tea - this tea is everything we all need right now in iso its a blend of detoxifying plant extracts to purify the body and enliven the skin amazing for gut health.

* O Cosmedics EFA’s - these capsules are great for internal supplementation it’s pure and ultra concentrated Omega 3s to support the skin and revitalise dry skin.

* $30 Voucher towards any Skin Treatment ( For Client of Skin Fitness ONLY!!)

* Facial Headband and Mask brush

Purchase your amazing box for $399 (valued at $560) FREE Delivery.

Limited Boxes Available (these can be customised if you want to change the moisturiser).

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